Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April..the month of change


Dah berhabuk..bersawang...but kugagahkan juga untuk menulis....as if, kalo tak tulis..it will be terkubur forever...April..month of change...seems dramatic..but hahaha..it's a turning point/milestone i used for my kids....abang birthday was yesterday and adik will be soon on the 27th..

i'm just writing their milestone or progress....im suppose to be happy as abang finished his juzuk amma memorization 1month before his 6th birthday..MashaAllah....and as of now he is in juzuk tabaraka..in surah Insan..... MashaAllah on him as he did very well in his recitation too. He can read and write and understand comprehension in both english and arabic but abit far behind for malay as he just understand it.

As of the negative....hmmm...let just say up till this date he has been sent to idharah..Ms Jenny/Ms Anne 2 times!

as of adik....he memorizes till surah zalzalah...as per school syllibus....i did not manage to bring him further...although i should manage as the abang has path the way....but i guess all kids are different as they say....so still masha Allah on him....he loves puzzle so much and can have a long span of concentration when he is on it.

as of the ibu...she only manage to memorize surah abasa and takwir since she has been on the SAHM position..its even more depressing....

Monday, August 13, 2012

1st time fasting in Rmadhan for the big brother

Assalamualaikum to my dear son....

its been a while ibu didn't write in this blog which should be a bit of memory n naseehah and etc for you and your brother once you are old enough or perhaps when ibu is not here anymore.

ibu would love to mencoretkan sedikit memory on your first time ever fasting experience...up till now ramadhan day 25 year 1433  you have fasted 4 days ! masha Allah at age of  5 years 3 months. let ibu write the moments of those four days...

day 1 - you basically flat out...after zohor you have been begging to eat something...from wanting to eat many food you succumb to saying i only want 1 food to eat, of course all the headache..tummy ache..n etc etc..since baba is there of course he will not let you break your fast in any cost... as of ibu it hurts me to see you soo desparate ...we put you to sleep as to let the time pass but i guess u cant sleep as hunger is there...around asar time you beg for only milk...i do not want food just a glass of milk you say....and keep complaining of headache n tummy ache....and of cour about 30min before maghrib you throw out. ibu knows  the hunger and pain is for real but i keep making doa and telling myself nobody ever die of fasting.InshaAllah all khair. by iftar time..you are just to weak to eat anything..but you soon gain the energy and back to yourself by isya...

day 2 - ibu and baba thought that 1 day is enough for you for a start.but then the next day you said you want to fast, so ibu agree to make it a half day fast..eat at zohor/lunch then continue again till maghrib. you were yourself..no complaint of hunger or pain...but then when you saw your little brother ate his lunch..you too insist..and continue normally without hassle till maghrib....its a surprise indeed..

day 3 - baba thought you better fast the whole day today and you agrees....but then since ibu was out...ibu found out that you drank 2 choc drink  at lunch hour after seeing you brother drank his milk. soo ok....we let it pass...the rest of the day went very well too..your energy level is at usual level..

day 4 - you are suppose to fast the whole day today and you manage to pass the luch level..but then  around 3pm you start whining about wanting to eat this and that..ibu ask you to watch the tv and sleep as to forget but you wanted to sit at the kitchen and see ibu cooking. you start asking for menu to eat..hehehe..you asked for Oman noodle..(maggi tomyam actually!) ..then you said you want pasta and you also want pizza with hot dog...so ok..yes..ibu cooks all that and of course you literally waited infront of the oven door and watch the stove to see all the food cooking.you even manage to scoop a ketchup from the pizza sauce and into your mouth as you cant seems to stop the urge to eat....you really went and smell the oman noodle as it was cook and ibu have to keep watching you as not to let you eat literally few minutes before azan maghrib.

so in short it has been a sad and funny moment watching and helping you getting thru your first ever ramadhan. but we never thought you actually manage 4 days...and we still have perhaps another 5 more days before eid..so maybe you will add the numbers of fasting...so mabrook ya my little baba..you did a very good job. ibu is very happy and proud of you..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ahlan ya Jazair


where should i start?..hmmm its been 5 days we are here..arrived 14 jun ..depart from Muscat, flight Qatar Airways 11.35pm, 1 hr flight...and transit Doha the next flight 2.30am 14 jun and arrived Hourarie Boumadine Airport 6.40am local time and by 7.30 we are already reunited with Mamani and Babasidu.

so many subject to be tackled here...dalam kepala nak tulis pasal the Family, the food the city, the weather, the language, and last but not least the memories..., so...start first with the flight...the boys have been very excited on the thought of going to Algeria....and of course on board a plane...its not their first time but i guess they just do not have any memory of events < age of 5. InshaAlah abang will remember better his experience and also the most important thing is his acquaintance with the family here.

as i was writing now...terdengar angin menderu deru....although its suppose to be summer but it feel like autumm..hehe..in term of temp... (max 37 deg and max 20deg, most of the time 20's...heater still on and of course double clothes needed, so the clothes that were packed not really suitable (esp baju tido)...but inshaAllah we will make do...and worst case scenario beli je baju sejuk..heheh...although its summer. The abang has been very interested with the weather infos from the TV...and he said the tv said it gonna rain tonight..so he has been waiting for the rain drop and thunder (al maklumlah Muscat only rains properly once or twice in a year)..inshaAllah it will rain tonite who knows although its foggy outside and as i say..the wind is just menderu deru..and just very very foggy, not forgetting we are basically in the highest area of Algiers..so thats why the cold mountainous weather.

yesterday we went to jardain elesses....if i spell it right....its an old botanical garden open in 1920's but then was closed for almost 10 years during the terrorist era.recently open with extra attraction of a mini zoo for the people of Algiers.Overall i was impressed with the gigantic and old  trees they have here..almost like the tropical rainforest jungle...except that the canopy and the strata of the vegetation is  is less dense for sure.

the park is not really tend to look like any european  park with beautiful flowers.. its just trees..but the walk under the canopy is really invigorating...its tiring of course as its been a while i didnt walk for about 5-10km perhaps...including the up and down stairs to the metro and in the park itself.The boys of course is just flat out by the end of the day..adik fell asleep in the car (around 5pm) and woke up the next morning.

Anway..the camera and the computer seems to be having communication problem..untill  the problem can be resolved, only then i can upload some photos. ciao and salam

Sunday, May 20, 2012


assalamualaikum ...

apa agaknya yg akan memotivasikan saya untuk rajin menulis?...perhaps....as the title should sound...its a legacy for my children..hehehe...legacy....supposedly reminders..although im not a good mom when it comes to reminders...anway...just want to upload few pictures here in Oman untuk kenangan anakanda kerana for sure kita tidak akan menetap disini kerana kita hanya musafir di bumi Oman ini. Semoga dapat memberi kenagan on  tempat membesar kamu berdua.

our small garden and also where you used to play and of course the car park too

our favorite bougainvilla. summer time it will just flourish and we love the vibrant colour

Park in The Wave area in which we usually visit. A very safe and enjoyable green area to just run and shout you lung out, not forgetting the roll n roll over d grass..

Cheap labour....ibu make you paint the wall that has been scribble by you both. Its a very good 'painting time' together indeed and will definitely do it again..just for the fun of it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sudah lama tidak berkabaran

Assalamualaikum semua....

sudah lama bangat saya tidak keudara....ada sedikit love hate situation dengan ini blog..hehehe..many things to write but in the end nothing comes out...after soo long no writing, its indeed difficult to start off with.

let me just write a bit progress on the children...

the adik is doing very well at school..he recognized his numbers 1-10 already!..clap clap clap to adik. ofcourse he did very well too in his doa recitation and also he already memorize 6-7 last surah of juzuk ammah..another big clap clap clap to adik...and he also read Ayatul kursi very well and he loves surah At-Taareq. i saw some blog post up the video of their young children reciting the juzuk ammah..but its very difficult to get adik to read infront of camera...inshaAllah next time. On toilet training adik is doing very good..ibu can say you are officially no need of pampers during the day....just at night time...Adik too start to sing 'angkabut song'..i.e itsy bitsy spider in arabic version...its funy but ibu cant join you as ibu cant make up any words you said...just the angkabut and shams..hehehe...you also love the song 'ask me a question...ill tell you the truth...from the iqraa channel ask the sheikh program...ans also the deen show program...'i am not afraid to stand alone...if Allah by my side'.....he is just so cute...

as for abang...he does very well nowadays too...he can read!!!phee wiit...ibu can proudly say he is reading masha Allah. He reads english better then his arabic but maybe because i can only help and monitor him reading with english books as its difficult to get arabic books with arabic letters together with the marks fathah dammah and kasrah. So there is a set back for him in that area as i cant help him much. Maybe its also because im not familiar with the materials that i can use to help him read arabic faster. As for quran he understand the concept of sukun and sajdah and tanween very well in reading the quran...but its difficult to teach him the tajweed involved as i dont know myself the law or the name of the tajweed, i just knew thats how it should be read. hmmm...so many things need to be done to upgrade myself too. Alhamdulillah he can read the quran so perhaps thats how i should see the situation....shuwaiya shuwaiya inshaAllah soon. Talking about reading..hhmm..abang was selected to represent his class  in the school arabic 'musabaqah' i.e competition ..i dont know how it was  done or when is really the date of the competition...although abang said  he is done reading for his musabaqah....hmmmmm i guess it doesnt matter as one thing for sure there will be another islamic knowledge musabaqah this coming 18th april and the school sent out the detail of the musabaqah to the parents...so at least i can help him prepare abit...3 catagories will be assess for all level...1st is the reading of juzuk ammah..2nd the memorization of the hadeeth (7-11 of them based on level) and 3rd memorization of doa and also asmaul husna....its a BIG thing..inshaAllah ibu will help you abang. ibu still thinking of the ways on how to learn and practise together....its not easy to make you concentrate more then 30min...ibupun tak hafal semua juzuk amma and the hadeeth still.....phewww...

As of me..hahaha....we finish our arabic level 1 last 5th march 2012 and for the exam ibu score A+ mumtazz..hehehe..inshaAllah will register for 2nd level this early April...i do learn a lot....and Alhamdulillah for all.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full
One for the MONSTER, one for the dame,
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

My little adik has been very disturbed by monster stories these past few weeks.He got scared of  them. It perplex me on how he manage to imagine monster in every little thing he does. I have screen his cartoon shows and have never use the word monster to scares him in any way yet there he is telling stories about monster to us and of course he even sing the baa baa black sheep with the monster version.My husband and i decided if this continue, then we will try the ruqyah on him. InshaAllah khair.

This saturday is a big day for me. It will be my first day job as driver for my children to school. inshaAllah after sending them to school, i have to rush to my new school. Yes i have registered myself for arabic class in Polyglot institute here in Oman. One of my wish in Hajj is to be able to communicate in arabic. Alhamdulillah for all. The school is about 40km away from my place so things gonna be tough as i will be joining the morning crowd on the road and in the afternoon too. I  pray nothing ever happen that will disturb my routine for class and dispatching my children at school and other extra task. I want all of my task here to run smoothly. Ya Rabb grant me my doa.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

holidays, new job

Assalamualaikum wbt

Been very long time i didn't write. Life been upside down and busy as usual but Alhamdulillah. School mid-year holidays started last Thursday and hubby to is taking his end of year holidays about the same days as the school holidays. The house is pack with 3 men in mylife who constantly asking for food, time and attention all at the same time. This is my first time ever having them 24/7 for about 2 weeks...pheww  May Allah make it easy for me and that hopefully everybody will be happy during this holidays although no holiday plan has been made yet. Perhaps just strolling around the city area.

For the boys it will be park and beach and ???? no idea but hopefully they will be happy enough and hopefully the weather will permits too as its been very cold lately here in Muscat..temp drops to 15deg at night up till early morning but gets very nice warm and windy in the afternoon. But then maghrib is at 5.30pm so the door for outing is really short. We shall see, inshaAllah khair.

Perhaps something worth mentioning here for my own pleasure and which is good for my ego is that i manage to bake a cake which is very light and fluffy!. Although its a ready mix moist chocolate cake recipe, but i made my own changes here and there and Alhamdulillah it turn out perfect cake in term of taste but not the shape and deco. 1/4 has already been eaten by the boys and hubby, and the rest of the 3/4 is there in the fridge waiting to be decorated. InshaAllah i will do the ganache tomorrow if it still worth to be presented with ganache :) or if the ingredients for the ganache are there in the baking cabinet. Today  I was just too tired to do the ganache after the sand time at the beach with the boys.

New job?....he he he.. I will have few extra job after this holiday season. I' ll be the driver for my children to school every  morning and afternoon.A job that i have been looking forward since i was there in Malaysia. Many of my friends are also drivers to their children and sometimes I pity them when they have to rush to send and pick their children at school. Now inshaAllah its my turn, may Allah make it easy and keep all of us safe always during the journey.What i do hope to happen during this time is that i will then be able to make the boys listen to the quran recitation esp the juzu amma thus strengthening their memorization. If before, their journey back and forth in the bus is spend sleeping or playing, i d hope now it will be a more meaningful time for quran memorization and listening for all of us. I'm gonna look into this matter indeed.Pray me success.

eye closing, inshaAllah till next time